"Shadowed Lover"

Drake Taylor (jaguar shifter)

Model: Unknown
  • Dark hair

  • Tanned skin

  • Citrine yellow eyes

  • 6’5’’

  • Muscular

  • Leader of the Revenant

  • Tattoo of Grim Reaper on his back

  • Twin sister murdered when he was 16

  • His Shadow Mark is over his heart

  • Can read thoughts/manipulate memories

  • Cannot manipulate decisions/memories connected with strong emotional responses

  • He’s loyal and just, but can be volatile and moody, prone to the whims of his cat

  • Weapon of choice: twin SIG Sauers (.40)

  • Original pride: White Fang


Neve Bolton (jaguar shifter)

Model: Unknown
  • Dark hair

  • Lightly tanned skin

  • Pale green eyes

  • 5’8’’

  • Slight build, firm but still curvy (muscular from training)

  • Neve is the Leo’s daughter

  • She undertakes regular training with two of her father's cats, learning how to defend herself since she doesn't believe she should rely on a man for protection. 

  • Strong-willed. Wants to be a Leo even though it goes against everything that’s expected of her.

  • Weapon of choice: her mind.

  • Pride: Black Claw


Jett Watson (jaguar shifter)

Model: Unknown
  • Blond hair

  • Tanned skin

  • Blue eyes

  • 6’1’’

  • Muscular

  • Member of the Revenant

  • His Shadow Mark is over his heart

  • Has the power of pyrokenesis

  • He can’t control his power yet because he can’t control his emotions

  • He feels responsible for his sisters and their situation in life

  • Both loves and hates his drug addicted mother

  • Weapon of choice: SIG Sauer (holstered at the small of his back)

  • Original pride: Black Claw


Katie Bolton (jaguar shifter)

Model: Unknown
  • Brown hair

  • Blue eyes

  • 5' 7''

  • Slight build - 'soft' body

  • "Girly" girl

  • Neve's cousin and closest friend

  • Has a 'traditional' approach to getting mated. She does what's expected of her. 

  • She's very naive about a lot of things and Neve feels particularly protective of her.

  • Pride: Black Claw


Grayson Mansfield (jaguar shifter)

Model: Unknown
  • Black hair

  • Green eyes

  • 6' 7''

  • Tanned skin

  • Muscular build but not bulky

  • Member of the Revenant

  • His Shadow Mark is over his heart

  • Has the power of sense and manipulate emotions by touch

  • Comes from a wealthy, well-known family within his former pride

  • He is the quiet, calming influence of the group

  • Weapon of choice: unknown

  • Original pride: Red Paw


Avah Carter (human)

  • Strawberry blonde hair

  • Pale 

  • Cornflower blue eyes

  • 6’2’’

  • Lithe body - former dancer (ballet)

  • Journalist at Portland Observer

  • Lives alone by choice

  • Loves being a journalist, but has become unsatisfied with current boss/position at the paper

  • Tencious when it comes to getting a story

  • Weapon of choice: her words.

Model: Unknown

Sasha Ivanov (jaguar shifter)

Model: Daria Dereviankina
  • Long, dark hair

  • Pale skin

  • Quicksilver grey eyes

  • 5' 9’’

  • Athletically built

  • Member of the Revenant (only female Shadow)

  • Her Shadow Mark at the top of her left thigh

  • Gets premonitions about when people will die.

  • Her ability to see death makes her incredibly reserved and unwilling to connect with others. 

  • Weapon of choice: knives and close-quarter combat

  • Original pride: Yellow Eye

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 2.10.58 pm.png
Model: Unknown

Mateo Bianchi (jaguar shifter)

  • Blond hair streaked with red

  • Violet eyes

  • 6' 1''

  • Athletically built

  • Member of the Revenant

  • His Shadow Mark is over his heart

  • Resident hacker/IT specialist.

  • His right hand and arm are tattooed in symbols for health, healing and protection 

  • Has the ability to heal superficial wounds on others with his right hand

  • He can self-heal himself more quickly than healing others

  • Has a Devil-may-care attitude to most things

  • Sexual deviant

  • Weapon of choice: Berratta

  • Original pride: White Fang